At OSTI, we believe women have the potential to be strong and healthy in every phase of life. Our specially trained physical therapists understand women’s issues and are committed to helping women achieve their specific health goals. We provide one-on-one treatment in a private environment and offer flexible appointments for busy women on the go.

OSTI Women’s Health services include:

Breast Cancer Care – Treatment focuses on improving shoulder range of motion, scar / implant mobility, and upper body strength in order to improve overall function.

Diastasis Recti – Conservative and post-operative treatment focuses on improving core muscle strength, posture, flexibility, and retraining functional movement patterns.

Osteoporosis – Treatment focuses on increasing strength and balance to improve lower body function and reduce the risk of falls. Education focuses on incorporation of weight-bearing exercise and resistance training into daily routines.

Pelvic Pain – Treatment focuses on alleviating pain by improving muscle strength, flexibility, posture and functional movement patterns. Pain relief is also achieved using biofeedback and manual therapy techniques to relax the pelvic floor.

Prenatal / Postnatal Care – Treatment focuses on maintaining optimal pelvic floor function before, during and after pregnancy. Stretching and strengthening help moms adapt to physical changes during pregnancy and recover function more quickly afterward. Education incorporates techniques to improve body mechanics and manage pain as well.

Pre-/ Postsurgical – Pre- and post-operative treatment focuses on improving core muscle strength, posture, flexibility, and function after a hysterectomy, cesarean, episiotomy, sling procedure, prolapse repair, radiation treatment or other procedures.

Urinary Incontinence – Treatment focuses on improving bladder control by strengthening the pelvic floor using exercise and various biofeedback methods. Education includes diet, fluid intake, and lifestyle modifications to improve bladder function as well.