Edgebrook Physical Therapy (OSTI) is helping Team World Vision bring more clean water to children in Africa. Over 100 runners from Heartland Community Church in Rockford, Il are running the Chicago Marathon in October 2019 to raise funds to bring clean water to communities in Africa. Edgebrook Physical Therapy (OSTI) is helping to keep those runners healthy so that they can raise donations to help World Vision complete its mission.

OSTI joined forces with Heartland Community Church this year and has provided training advice, injury screens, and regular tips on training to keep the team healthy. Josh Meyers, PT, DPT, OCS is a running specialist that has worked with numerous Team World Vision runners since they took their first steps of training in April 2016. “It inspires me to see how motivated these runners are to not only accomplish their goal of running the Chicago Marathon, but to raise a considerable amount of funding for the cause of World Vision.”, Meyers says. “It is a great cause and reminds us all that there are people with needs far greater than ours every day.”

With the start of the marathon training season upon us, runners eager to take their first steps toward finishing a marathon and raising funds to support those in need. Meyers is optimistic that most runners will arrive at the starting line in good shape. “They have the energy, the plan, and the community of support they need to succeed. It will be awesome to see the smiles as these runners accomplish their goal of finishing the Chicago Marathon and helping a great cause at the same time.”

To donate or find out more about World Vision and the work they do, click the link below.