Kathleen Newhouse, PT, DPT from Poplar Grove Physical Therapy recently furthered her education in vestibular rehabilitation. Kathleen completed “Vestibular Rehabilitation – A Comprehensive Clinical Approach for Positive Functional Outcomes”.

This course teaches therapists to recognize and treat vestibular dysfunction. Vestibular dysfunction involves issues with the inner ear and/or parts of the brain that control balance and eye movement. This intermediate course also gave insight into specific symptoms that occur and how to properly evaluate and assess a patient for vestibular dysfunction. Therapists learned how to design and execute an appropriate treatment plan for specific vestibular conditions through an extensive laboratory component.

We are proud of Kathleen for furthering her knowledge to better treat her patients. OSTI physical therapists take pride in keeping up to date with new treatment techniques and providing excellent care in our local communities.

Dizziness and vertigo can be scary for any patient, and we are here to help. If you believe you may have a vestibular dysfunction, contact Poplar Grove Physical Therapy today at (815) 765-1155 for a complimentary injury screening with Kathleen.

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